Greetings, Tomb Believers!

This week we continue our MARCH OF THE APES with a look at MARVEL PREMIERE issues 45 and 46, featuring the furry lupine fury of MAN-WOLF or, as he’s referred to in this issue, STARGOD!!!

“But James and Trey”, I hear you say, “Man-Wolf isn’t an ape, he’s a werewolf!” and that is indeed true oh observant listener, but no one ever said the apes just had to be in the comics! This episode we are pleased and poisoned punch to include as our guests the two Cleveland horror hosts that are setting the interwebs aflame (at least every Friday nights), Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri — otherwise known as The Mummy and the Monkey!!! In addition, they’ve brought the whole kit and caboodle of their patented horror hosting sound effects to spice up our normally so calm and prosaic Tomb (oh brother). So plug in your earbuds tight, kiddies, because this one is gonna get wild!

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