Welcome back, Tomb Believers!


Continuing our policy of making this the TOMB OF IDEAS AGE OF PODCASTS, we present to you a rollucking recording of revelery featuring not one, not two, but three A-plus comics podcasters!

This episode on the podcast, James and Trey are joined by Jokin’ Jon M. Wilson of the Make Ours Marvel Podcast. Mr. Wilson jumps in to discuss:

Uncanny X-Men #40 “The Mark of the Monster!” (January 1968)

Marvel Spotlight #4 “Island of the Damned” (June 1972)

Tomb of Dracula #3 “Who Stalks the Vampire” (July 1972)

Marvel Team-Up #3 “The Power to Purge” (July 1972)

And if that don’t sate your thirst for high octane Marvel Horror excitement…

…well then we don’t know what to do with ya.



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