Greetings, Tomb Believers!

This is it! The thrilling conclusion to our three-part series discussing CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 in its entirety! (In case you missed them, Part 1 and Part 2 released earlier this week). And this final story arc has EVERYTHING – up to and including Dracula shooting vampires out of cannons from his castle on the moon. For this episode, we are covering CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 #10-15, plus the annual (which we are slotting in between issues 13 & 14). Plus we have the second half of our interview with the great Paul Cornell, writer of this Captain Britain series along with numerous other comics, novels, TV episodes, and more! We are especially grateful to Mr. Cornell for taking the time to talk to us about this book (and the rest of his writing career), and we hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. As we discuss, his next project is the graphic novel WHO KILLED NESSIE? with artist Rachael Smith – a comedy mystery whodunnit set at a cryptid convention. And, as of this posting, you still have time to support their crowdfunding campaign on Zoop by clicking right here, and you can get your own physical and/or digital copy of the book (along with some other great rewards).

Are you a fan of Marvel UK characters? What are your memories of CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13? Are there other short-lived/underrated Marvel series you think we should cover? Let us know – and send us your comments, questions, or other feedback to [email protected]. Plus, you can find us via our Facebook page, our Instagram and Threads feeds, or even over at Bluesky!