Greetings, Tomb Believers!

In our second episode this week, we’re discussing the second story arc of CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13, “Hell Comes to Birmingham.” So, if you’re reading along, that means we’ll be talking about issues 5-9. In addition, we are thrilled to be joined by the writer of the series, Paul Cornell! In addition to writing CAPTAIN BRITAIN, he has also written DOCTOR WHO, ACTION COMICS, SAUCER COUNTRY, and much more. Plus Mr. Cornell, along with artist Rachael Smith, currently has a crowdfunding campaign running to launch an original graphic novel called WHO KILLED NESSIE? – a comedy whodunnit set at a cryptid convention! Click here to find out more about the book and back the campaign.

Don’t miss the second half of our interview with Mr. Cornell, along with our discussion of the third and final CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 story arc, later this week!

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