Greetings, Tomb Believers!

Some podcasters are always trying to record uphill. That’s why we’re starting December with a change of pace from our usual episodes: a brand new feature-length audio commentary! That’s right, we’re sinking our fangs into BLADE (dir. Stephen Norrington, 1998), the movie that launched the superhero movie boom of the early aughts. It’s got everything – Wesley Snipes chopping up bloodsuckers with a katana, Donal Logue hamming it up as Stephen Dorff’s villainous sidekick, and Kris Kristofferson at his most grizzled and grouchy! All you have to do is queue up the film, hit play when we do, and you’ll be watching along with us.

As always, send us your comments, questions, suggestions for future commentaries, or other feedback to [email protected]. Plus, you can find us via our Facebook page, our Instagram and Threads feeds, or even over at Bluesky!