Season 2, Episode 5 (originally released on March 15, 2018)

Oh no, Nick couldn’t make it out to do our GODFATHER episode! You know what that means? Replace one Nick with another! Today I sit down with my former No Homer’s Podcast host and friend Niko Aldrich! On today’s episode we’ll be discussing SLAUGHTER HIGH from 1986 Directed by the trio of Mark Ezra, George Dugdale and Peter Litten, SLAUGHTER HIGH is a highly regarded slasher film with a big cult following. The movie is about a school prank gone awry. The sexy Carol (Caroline Munro) convinces the nerdy Marty (Simon Scuddamore) into the girl’s locker room for a little wet-n-wild fun. Well, it’s all a ruse as once Marty is naked, Carol’s gaggle of friends torture the young guy with some terrible pranks. He’s slightly electrocuted, recorded, and given a swirly to top it all off. After the school coach comes in and sees what they’ve done, the entire group is given detention… which they blame on Marty. They plan another prank on the unsuspecting Marty which leads to a bad chemical fire and Marty being trapped and burned alive. The group all recover (because why wouldn’t they?) and they’re all getting ready for their school reunion. However, once they all get to their old school they’ve noticed that the school is locked up and they were the only ones invited. SLAUGHTER HIGH is a joint American/English production and doesn’t have any discernible stars, save from horror icon Caroline Munro. As stated, the film has a massive cult following and it being unavailable in a good form for so long only fueled the fire the fans had for it. Also on this episode Michael gives a mini review of the Vinegar Syndrome release of Norman J. Warren’s PREY (1977) and the Mill Creek Release of Catherine Hardwicke’s LORDS OF DOGTOWN (2005).

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