Season 2, Episode 18 (originally released on November 23, 2018)

On today’s episode we’ll be discussing two movies over the span of two episodes. First up is a movie on my shame list that was recommended to me back on our Dark City episode, Tarsem Singh’s THE CELL. THE CELL is a twisted serial killer film that’s part Police procedural and part fantastical, sci-fi inspired acid trip. It’s definitely an odd combination, but comes together is an oddly satisfying way. The film is about Dr. Catherine Deane who helps treat Coma patients with an experimental virtual reality machine that allows her to go into the dreams of her patients to help communicate with them. While all this is going on, FBI agents Peter Novak and Gordon Ramsey are hot on the tails of a serial killer that has a fascination with turning his female victims into dolls. The FBI are finally able to catch the killer, but a rare disease causes him to fall into a coma… so the FBI must get Dr. Deane to help find where a missing girl is held by going into the dark and twisted dreams of a serial killer. The film had a mixed reaction from critics calling it a mess of stunning visuals but lacking in substance. That being said, the film has taken on a new cult following and is arguably one of the most interesting films J-Lo ever starred in. It also features a fascinating score by Howard Shore. The film stars Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Marianne Jean Baptist and Vincent D’Onfrio as serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher.
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