Season 1, Episode 3 (originally released on December 29, 2016)

Welcome to Episode 3… OUR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! On this episode our heroes will delve into two movies from their shame lists. From Nick’s list they’ll be discussing Bob Clark’s BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974), a proto-slasher from the early ’70s about a group of sorority sisters and a creepy caller. Then, from Michael’s list they’ll be discussing THE FAMILY STONE (2005), a family drama from the 2000s about a large family getting together for their annual Christmas, but with a new added element; the son Everett Stone brings his wealthy, stuck-up girlfriend with him. If you enjoy the episode please give us a “like” and “Rate” on your preferred podcast format and contact us on social media to tell us what you think!

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Edited by: Michael Viers
Produced by: Nick Richards & Michael Viers
Theme Music by: The Directionals
Credits Music by: Ten-Speed