Hello and welcome to The Carnage Report, where we bring you the latest on all things horror-related, keeping you up to date with news you can use. Hosted by Julie Holland and Nick Spacek, this part of the Cinepunx family looks to fill a hole in your podcast feed by looking at new releases in the theaters, on-demand, and streaming, and featuring an in-depth discussion of a new release each episode.

On this episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick discuss director Rebekah McKendry’s new film for Shudder, the Lovecraftian god in a bathroom stall flick Glorious. In addition to what we think about the film, we recommend other films about Lovecraftian horrors and small-cast terrors you might enjoy, along with news about the Child’s Play doc Living With Chucky, dig into a superb Vanity Fair article about The Midnight Club, and trailers galore for Netflix’s Wednesday series, The Menu, and more.

Music by Steve Spacek (who you can find on Instagram @starlingwoodworks) and on Bandcamp.

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