Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Josie DiCarlo of Barnet Fair, Mike Ski of True Hand Society, Shannon Roche of Crust Vegan Bakery, Mike Barone of Grindcore House, and Rob Jahn and JP Flexner of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company. This was a panel discussion held at the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in Croydon, PA upon their invitation. The discussion was about punks who own and operate businesses. Despite being a terribly noise environment thanks to many individuals present not for the event but to drink and eating loudly amongst themselves, the discussion was still fascinating and well worth your time in listening. While full apologies are issued due to the sound, you’ll still find a thoughtful discussion of how each respective business came to be, what the interviewees brought to their business to make it unique, how the businesses reflect the ethics of punk, operating with a conscience under capitalism, dealing with the city/state and all the regulations that come with running a legit business, the toll making and sustaining a dream project takes on one’s life, and a great deal more. Many thanks go out to the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company for making this event happen and helping to bring together these inspiring business owning punks. They also make excellent beer.

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