LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 45: Tony van Veen of Kremlin Korps, Homo Picnic, Disc Makers, CD Baby

Tony Van Veen/December 18, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Tony van Veen of the early- and mid-’80s hardcore punk bands Kremlin Korps and Homo Picnic. Tony grew up in Aruba and Holland moved to the Philadelphia to attend college at Penn. There he discovered the early ’80s Philly HC scene and soon became a member Kremlin Korps (which featured past L!F!P! interviewees Stacey Finney nee Gold and Rich Hoak) and later the absurdly-named Homo Picnic. It was the blasting fury of the band Y-DI that served as Tony’s introduction into the scene and it was thanks to hardcore that he developed a lifetime interest in the DIY culture and ethos. As Homo Picnic was winding down, Tony came to work for Disc Makers, who later partnered with CD Baby. These companies have allowed innumberable bands (as well as writers and filmmakers) to get their product pressed, packaged, and sent out into the world. Tony is now the CEO of Disc Makers. His love of DIY culture has fueled him all these years and his forward-thinking has allowed his company to adapt to the ever-changed demands of consumers as well as the radical changes in technology. Tony’s interview is good-natured and filled with insights into the music industry as well as the wild world of the Philly HC scene of yore.





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