Ryann Casey/November 4, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Ryann Casey. Ryann grew up on New Jersey and only moved to Philadelphia about six years ago. In that time, she’s hosted art shows at various locations around the city, including the Grindcore House. These art shows benefit environmental and animal-oriented causes. They’ve raised both money and awareness while presenting the work of some tremendously talented artists. We discuss Ryann’s upbringing in a Roman Catholic home in North Jersey with a feminist, pro-Choice mother coupled with the influence of her grandmother. Art became a huge part of Ryann’s life at a young age and punk came on a few years later. In punk she found some of her ideals and social/political passions reflected back to her. While she’s always felt like a bit of an outsider in the punk community, she’s none-the-less a part of it as an organizer of significant events. We talk some about the mechanics of putting on charity events, what she looks for in organizations her efforts (and those of the participating artists) will benefit, how she overcame her shyness to deal with speaking publicly, and how to deal with the trolls who emerge from the lousy woodpile when one’s efforts are discussed in public forums. We also talk about non-traditional creative, artistic, and activist paths for young women. This was one of my most pleasurable talks in the series, so I hope you’ll spend some time listening Ryann Casey and I chat.

Photos by Karen Kirchhoff





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