Nancy Petriello Barile/August 1, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Nancy Petriello Barile about her involvement in the hardcore punk scene in Philadelphia in the early 1980s. Nancy was part of the initial wave of young people putting on totally DIY, all-ages shows. Along with some friends, she put one of the most (in)famous HC shows of all time: the Buff Hall show in Camden, NJ. At that show, a rasta in a stolen car smashed into the van of Boston’s SSD (a band fronted by Nancy’s future husband, Al) and hit Ian McKaye, who went to the hospital then returned to perform at the show. Nancy was at two of the biggest punk riots of the early ’80s (Black Flag and later Dead Kennedys at the original Starlight Ballroom in the rough Kensington neighborhood of Philly). As well, she co-founded Philly’s chapter of the BYO. Nancy is an award-winning teacher in Boston and credits her involvement in the punk scene for helping to make her the inspiring person she is today.






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