LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 30: Stacey Finney nee Gold of Kremlin Korps

Stacey Finney nee Gold/July 6, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews Stacey Finney nee Gold, singer of the early ’80s Philly hardcore band Kremlin Korps. Stacey was one of few woman singers in a punk band in Philly at the time. She grew up in a contentious household in a rough neighborhood in South Philly. Stacey was a very quiet child who went on to find a much-needed source of underground culture on the South Street of the 1970s and early ’80s. There she discovered punk and came to attend shows throughout the city and form her band Kremlin Korps with some folks who came to greater prominence later (including previous interview subject Rich Hoak). We talk about the place of women in punk at the time and how she carved out her own space in that male-oriented scene. Stacey has never grown out of her love of HC and, more importantly, has brought the ethos into her long-time work with at-risk kids. Stacey brings the compassion and power of the individual that’s stressed in some segments of the punk community into the world around her and has done a lot of good for people in need in the process. Stacey also manages to keep her Philly attitude in place despite no longer living in the city. She’s the same woman who clocked a skinhead girl on the head with a giant bag of candy corn given to her by Paul Bearer of the Serial Killers. It’s too bad you can’t see Stacey’s cheerful smile as we talk, but it comes through in the photos.






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