LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Bonus Episode- Neil Robinson Follow Up!

A follow-up interview with Neil Robinson of Nausea, Squat or Rot, Tribal War Records, Final Warning, Jesus Chrust, ABC NO RIO, and the Farmageddon Growers’ Collective. I first interviewed Neil in the summer of 2015. That interview appears in the main body of interviews on the LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! website and in all the other places it’s been posted to through the Cinepunx podcast network. While I was in Portland, Oregon (and surrounding environs) in mid-October, 2017, I paid a call on Neil to catch up a bit. After we shared a meal at Pappa G.’s, a vegan deli, I recorded this follow-up interview in his truck. Because follow-up interviews are not part of the interview series proper, it’s not considered a full interview. On the L!F!P! site this appears in the blog section. We had a terrific talk (as I hope you’ll soon hear) about Neil’s life in the two+ years since our full interview and the state of the world today.

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