Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys, because we’re talking about 1986’s Critters and 1988’s Critters 2: The Main Course.

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. Liam talks about seeing Climate Of The Hunter and revisiting The Exorcist II: The Heretic. Justin talks about the films Sator and Synchronic and the series The Stand.

Up first is Critters. We start by talking our initial experiences with the film and Justin talks about much of what he liked about the film was him misremembering Critters 2.

We talk about the phenomenon in horror and sci fi films of aliens possessing advanced technology such as space travel and yet acting wildly feral when they get to Earth and how the first film in this franchise neatly subverts that while the second film largely abandons it in favor of visual gags and FX shots. We then dissect the idea that this film is a Gremlins ripoff and thoroughly reject it.

The franchise as a whole being a continuation of the “weird ravenous things from space” subgenre is touched upon. We talk about the tragic story of Charlie McFadden, the films fool character, and how such a story is surprising given the fact that this film could have done away with any sort of human drama.

We again touch upon how the film stands above actual ripoffs of the Gremlins films, mostly due to the quality of the visual effects but also due to the somewhat complex backstory for the Krites as well as the character development.

Up next is Critters 2. We briefly compare the film to the beginning of Night Of The Creeps.

We give a brief summation of the film and have a prolonged and violent verbal confrontation in which Liam wrongly claims this film is better than Gremlins 2. (it was a very good joke- liam)

We talk about some of the films unexpected dramatic moments, such as the scene in which Ug reacts in rage and sadness to Lee’s death. We briefly discuss the career of director Mick Garris.

We touch upon the film stumbling with Charlie’s character arc. We conclude by talking how the film is overall a fun film that expands upon the original and how it was by far a financial decision rather than an artistic one.

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