Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. In this episode we’re talking about two films involving Satanic Cults: 1968’s The Devil Rides Out and 2011’s Drive Angry. And, as a bonus, we’re joined by the wonderful  Scott Poole, author of Monsters In America and Wasteland: The Great War And The Origins Of Modern Horror.

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We start by briefly discussing what we’ve done lately involving horror. Scott talks about reading Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula and revisiting the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, Liam talks about seeing The Invisible Manand White Force, and Justin talks about re-watching Terrified on Shudder, starting the television series The Plot Against America, and diving into the work of artist Junji Ito.

Up first is The Devil Rides Out. We open up by giving a brief summary of the film, and a background of the novel series that work is based on. Justin talks about how the film initially felt like it was assuming the viewer had a background knowledge of the series and how they turned him off at first but then it was something that appealed to him eventually. Some of the more interesting aspects of the films production are touched upon, as is the vague mysterious background of Christopher Lee’s character.

The restrictions placed upon the film by production codes not allowing nudity are discussed. The somewhat dated nature of the film is discussed, as is Terence Fisher’s work with Hammer Films.

The juxtaposition of the film as being set in the 1920’s but very clearly being made in the 1960s is discussed, and we briefly talk about how the film was one of the first to feature the actual Devil as a villain.

The theme of the a rightfully distrusted aristocracy is touched upon. Richard Matheson’s distinctly American stamp upon a film that is supposed to be very British is examined. Charles Gray’s performance as a contrast to Christopher Lee’s is discussed. Justin talks about the quaintness of the orgy scene not for its lack of nudity but more so for how at this point in time summoning merely the Devil or Satan is kind of passé. The heavy-handed Christian theology and morality is touched upon.

Up next is Drive Angry. We give a brief outline of the film. We discuss the absurdity that is the concept of a bureaucracy in Hell. Nic Cage as an “out of control proletariat” is discussed.

The like-ability of much of the cast is discussed, as is the idea of the Devil as “not that bad of a guy” who actually despises much of what is done in his name, something in line with the moral code of the Church of Satan.

The interesting idea of how Nic Cage isn’t actually against anyone who has any real supernatural abilities is touched upon. Cage’s career as being an actor who is strongest when he is acting opposite of a strong female lead is discussed. The weird touch of a “buddy adventure” film that the movie has is touched upon. Nic Cage’s legacy as an actor is discussed.

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