HORROR BUSINESS Episode 22: Shudder Exclusives (PREVENGE and WE GO ON)

Greetings believers and non-believers alike, and welcome back to Horror Business! Thanks as always for listening, and we have a great episode for you!

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This episode we are talking about two films exclusive to Shudder, the premiere horror streaming network. Our films are both from 2016: Prevenge and We Go On.

We begin by talking about what we’ve seen recently. Liam was lucky enough to catch Exhumed Films EX FEST, the annual twelve hour exploitation festival. He briefly talks about the films he saw at the festival and the special appearance of John Waters to introduce Pink Flamigos. Liam also discusses recents viewings of Fits and Lemonade, while Justin discusses recent viewings of The Girl With All The Gifts and Here Alone.

First up is Alice Lowe’s 2016 film Prevenge. We talk about the films unique blend of comedy and horror, and also the deep melancholy that permeates the film. Lowe’s performance as both a person suffering from some kind of mental breakdown that makes the character both terrifying and sympathetic is discussed, as is the semi-ambigous ending.

The imagery of the film involving some kind of external corrupting influence, Lowe’s performance as something inhuman, and the nature of madness is discussed. We also talk about the relatibility of what Lowe’s character is experiencing and how in addition to this being a horror/black comedy film it is also something of a black comedy.

Finally we talk about the way pregnancy can be viewed as something worthy of being the focal point of a horror film.

Next we discuss Jesse Holland and Andy Milton’s 2016 film We Go On. We were truthfully not fans of this film, and discuss what we didn’t like about it, namely a lack of ability in the lead actor, clichéd imagery, a rather mundane plot, and uninspired filmmaking in general.

We weren’t kind to this film, but we cannot stress that our opinions are our opinions alone and that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad movie and that you should check it out for yourself if you a chance!

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