Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re joined by fellow Cinepunk Rob Skvarla. We’re talking about the most recent entry in The Conjuring franchise, The Devil Made Me Do It and the impact of the Warrens on the realm of horror. It’s a little different than our usual episode format, but it was a lot of fun doing this and we’re excited for you guys to hear it. First off thank you to the fine folks over at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations, the premiere screen-printing company of the Lehigh Valley. Chris Reject and his merry band of miscreants are ready to work with you to bring to life your vision of a t-shirt for your business, band, project, or whatever else it is you need represented by a shirt, sweater, pin, or coozy. Head on over to to check them out. Thank you also to Essex Coffee Roasters, our newest sponsor. Head to to check out their fine assortment of coffee, and enter CINEPUNX in the promo code for ten percent off your order! And as always thank you to our Patreon subscribers. Your support means the world to us and we are eternally thankful. If you would like to become a Patron, head to Thanks in advance!

We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently and go off on something of a tangent on the recent Disney film Cruella, and the phenomenon of giving villains origin stories to cash in on nostalgia.

We talk about the Warrens, who they were, and their background in culture. Rob lays out a thesis that the success of the Warrens’ grift is tied in with the larger far right religious culture as a whole, and talks about watching the film Things on Shudder. We also briefly talk about the recent New York Times report on UFOs, and Liam talks about starting (but not finishing) the film Séance, and watching the trailers for the films Son, Blood Red Sky, and Witch Hunt. Justin talks about some of the recent screenings at the Mahoning Drive- In he attended, seeing A Quiet Place Part II, Horror In The High Desert, Caveat, and starting F. Paul Wilson’s ICE Trilogy.

We start by giving a background on our personal feelings of the Warrens, their history of grifts and how they’ve been portrayed in these films. We talk about the impact that the Warrens’ “work” has had on the culture of America as a whole, and how it makes it easier for predatory Televangelists to further exploit fearful people for their own gain.

We also talk about how the current Qanon phenomenon and the larger disregard for critical thinking and embracing of conspiracy theories is somewhat emboldened by this film (the implications of a Satanic conspiracy) and emboldened by the way the Warrens portrayed their work. We touch upon the harm that they did by hindering open and honest discussion about mental health by chalking up issues with mental health to demonic possession. We briefly discuss the concept of how even though we disagree with the message of these films they’re still free to create art based on the Warrens, even if it’s a wholly inaccurate portrayal of their lives.

We talk about the connections of the Warrens to the phenomenon of “Satanic panic” in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. We dive into the actual plot of the film, the discrepancies between the film and reality, and the larger historical discrepancies. We conclude by talking about the sugarcoating of the Warrens in these films as people, in that they were far from the wholesome characters they’re portrayed as.

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