HORROR BUSINESS Episode 18: Sorry Rob,There’s Only Room For One Bobby Z In Our Hearts

Greetings astro creeps and electro heads, and welcome back to Horror Business, the only podcast that will both dig through the ditches AND burn through the witches. Thank you as always for checking us out and we have got one heck of an episode for you guys.

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This episode we are taking a look at the films of one Robert Cummings, known better to you as Rob Zombie. And thank the Lord because Bobby Cummings isn’t a name conducive to horror filmmaking! We were lucky enough to be joined by two beloved members of the Cinepunx community and fellow horror hounds, noted edgeman John Wren and noted herbal enthusiast Jon Martello. We experience some technical difficulties at various points so please forgive us in advance.

We begin by giving a shout out to Chris and LVAC, and then talking about what we’ve seen recently. We talk about the recent Jordan Peele film Get Out as well as the recent X-Men film Logan.

The topic for this episode is Rob Zombie somewhat divisive position in the horror community. Justin opens the discussion by postulating that by all rights Rob Zombie should make nothing but outstanding horror films. His background in the horror genre, his knowledge of the genre, and his background in filmmaking should make every single one of his films incredible.

And we do believe he is absolutely capable of making great horror films. However, we here at Horror Business are not one hundred percent sold on the works of Rob Zombie as a whole. We dig quite deep in this episode, we get quite heated with one another and tempers flare, but in the end we agree that Zombie’s major strengths are his knowledge of horror films and his ability to capture and create creepy and evocative imagery,  while his weaknesses are his inability to capture how people actually talk to one another, the bullshit and forced folksy way of talking in many of his films (what Jon Martello refers to “Rob Zombie similes), the weak dialogue in his films, his at times excessive and inappropriate violence, and his allowing of sub par performances from actors in his films. Of particular note in this episode is John’s impressive knowledge of Zombie’s work, both musically and cinematically.

Gigantic thanks to John and Jon for being gracious enough to come up to the Valley and sit with us for a few hours while we carry on about nonsense. You guys are awesome and forever welcome to come back. As always thanks to everyone and anyone who checked this episode out, or shared a tweet/shared a post on FB/gave us love by recommending us to someone. We love you forever for listening. Any questions, comments, suggestions for movies and guests, or if you yourself want to join us for a movie viewing or even an episode, can be sent to [email protected]. Thanks always to Justin Miller and Doug Tilley for their technical contributions and fliers, Mike Smaczylo for the awesome fliers, and also thanks to Josh “The Final Countdown” Alvarez for the theme song, Chris and LVAC for the support and buttons (check them out at www.xlvacx.com), and a HUGE thank you to anyone who retweeted us or shared something on Facebook that we posted. Follow us on Twitter at @thehorrorbiz666, like us on Facebook at facebook.com/thehorrorbiz66, and remember to rate, review, and subscribe to us on ITunes. In fact, if you write us a review, email us with your mailing address and we’ll send you some free pins and stickers! Until next time…thanks!


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