Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys because we’re talking 1957’s Curse of Frankenstein and 2023’s Birth/Rebirth.

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. Liam talks about attending the recent Cinema Wasteland convention in Ohio and rewatching some classic Poe films, as well as rewatching Paranorman. Justin talks about watching the film The Hopewell Haunting on Tubi, as well as No One Will Save You on Hulu and Cobweb.

Up first is Curse of Frankenstein. Justin talks about how the creature design of this movie is far more effective at being upsetting than the classic Universal/Boris Karloff version.

We talk about how the film is more of a remake of that Universal version than it is an adaptation of the original novel.

This version of Victor Frankenstein as far more monstrous than the one in the Whalen version is discussed.

We briefly talk about the moral arc of Victor Frankenstein’s companion, who seems to be strangely okay with a lot of horrific shit Frankenstein does before bowing out. We briefly talk about the history of the Hammer Frankenstein films.

Up next is Birth/Rebirth. We start by talking about the writer/director specifically set out to make an interpretation of Frankenstein.

We discuss the injection of the theme of perverted parenthood into this version, a theme that was largely absent from the original novel. We talk about how the film shares some themes with classic zombie films.

We discuss further the theme of parenthood gone wrong, in that a selfish brand of love replaces a pure paternal love, and the idea of how love can lead to deep acts of evil. We talk about the unnecessary murder of a pig in the film and how it felt even cheaper in comparison to the rest of the film.

We discuss the tragedy of a parent feeling utterly unable to stop themselves from bringing a child back from the dead simply out of pain and grief.

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