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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Josh talks about starring in the 2020 film Uncle Peckerhead, and briefly discusses Cruella and emotionally effective children’s films with Liam. Liam also discusses reading the newest Grady Hendrix book. Justin talks about seeing The Green Knight and a few screenings of various movies at the Mahoning Drive-In as well as the film The Boy Behind The Door.

We start with Thirst. We start by discussing the films roots in religion in how it depicts the Catholic view on suicide and damnation, as well as the way the film depicts lust and wanting in a realm in which such concepts are strictly forbidden.

The concept of losing one’s faith and martyrdom is examined. We talk about the film’s color palette and how it helps enhance a feeling of sensuality, and how the film is essentially two films in one: a traditional vampire movie and a “whodunnit” style murder mystery.

The film making a connection between the symbolic drinking of blood in communion and the literal drinking of blood in vampirism. The film’s interesting use of opposing concepts is touched upon (science vs religion, the divine vs the sacred, lust vs abstinence, a feminine story vs a masculine story).

The film’s usage of guilt manifested visually is discussed, as is the idea of how people would react if all restraint of morality was replaced, and we briefly discuss the origins of personal morality.

Up next is Thirst. We give a brief synopsis of the film, and Josh compares it to a theme park in which you were expected to have fun and absolutely did not.

We talk about how the movie just doesn’t really work, and Justin talks about how the fact the protagonist of the film being gay ultimately came off as homophobic due to the film’s obsession with phallic imagery and making the protagonist obsessed with eating penises, and how this is made worse by the film’s villains being evangelical Christians—so clearly, they understand the evil of such religion.

The film’s sloppy attempt at being a zombie movie is also discussed. We talk about some of the things that almost make the film good (i.e. the loneliness of the protagonist) but how the film was too caught up in being zany and outrageous to really explore such concepts.

We briefly talk about the history of films that examine human characters dealing with the emotional fall out of dealing with vampires in a way that is above and beyond merely horrific and how this movie just doesn’t even bother trying to do that. We then clearly grow weary of discussing such a drab boring film and instead go on a tangent talking about the Marvel symbiotic universe in the comics.

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