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This episode we are continuing our multi-episode series on the concept of animal horror, also known as eco horror, and we are discussing 1977’s Orca and 1978’s Piranha.

We begin by talking about what we’ve seen recently, which in the realm of horror was unfortunately nothing. We swear we’ll be better in the future about this and that we are not posers.

First up is Orca, directed by Michael Anderson. We give a basic plot outline of the film, paying attention to the particularly brutal death of Orca’s mate and child, and the resulting rampage Orca goes on to avenge his loss.

We discuss the ludicrous nature of the plot (a killer whale waging war upon a village in order to draw one man out to the sea to kill him), the weak character development, the shaky explanation of the motivations of the characters, poor set design, and racist film tropes (the “wise and mystical Native American”).

We also discuss how this film is not, as many believe it to be, a reversal of the plot of Moby Dick and how plotwise it’s closer to Death Wish than Melville’s novel.

Up next is Piranha, directed by Joe Dante. We give a basic outline of the plot and discuss some of the sillier aspects of it but ultimately agree that for a ‘70s horror film it works.

We discuss the special effects used and how the simple nature of those effects are the strength of the movie. The linear nature of the piranha school’s progression is discussed, as is the film’s decision to put dozens of children in danger.

The obvious similarities to Jaws is touched upon, and the ultimately unsatisfying ending of the film is discussed. We also

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