It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to show off your knowledge of pop culture so you can make everyone else hate you just a little bit more for being an elitist snob. We know you’re buying music from your local record shop. And we know you’re scouring sites like Diabolik DVD to snatch up the rarest of Blu Rays and DVDs. You might even still be seeing movies while they’re in the theaters! (You should still be seeing movies while they’re in the theaters.) That’s why we want to hear from YOU! Yes, you heard that right. We want YOUR opinion.

Cinepunx is already bringing together its own Best Of lists, compiled from reams upon reams of staff picks, and we want to give you, our readers, a chance to sound off. To that end, we’re asking that you send your Top 10 Albums and Top 10 Movies to [email protected]. Make sure that you rank each list from 1 to 10, with 1 being your top pick and 10 being your last pick, because we’ve devised a super secret scoring system to ensure that everything works out. For example, here’s a staff list of the Best Albums of the 1980s:

Top 10 Albums:

1 – Billy Ocean: Suddenly

2 – Phil Collins: No Jacket Required

3 – Bonnie Tyler: Faster Than the Speed of Night

4 – Night Ranger: Midnight Madness

5 – Starship: Knee Deep in the Hoopla

6 – Cutting Crew: Broadcast

7 – Hall and Oates: H20

8 – Steve Winwood: Back in the High Life

9 – T’Pau: Bridge of Spies

10 – Johnny Hates Jazz: Turn Back the Clock

What’s in this for you, you ask? Besides knowing you contributed to the cause?! Well, two winners will be randomly selected from the pool of participants to receive prizes. What does that mean? Free stuff. It means you’re getting free stuff. Specifically, you’ll get a Cinepunx t-shirt and a Blu Ray of something really awesome.

Voting opens today, Tuesday, December 13th, and will close a week from today, Tuesday, December 27th, at noon EST. Winners will be asked to provide a name and mailing address for all the cool, free stuff we’re going to send them.

Cinepunx Best of 2016: Readers Poll and Cinepunx Best Of 2016: Staff Poll will be posted Tuesday, January 3rd, and Wednesday, January 4th, respectively.