In this episode I talk with my friend Josh Alvarez about his commitment to investing in his creative outlets (music and podcasting) while working in the helping professions. Josh beautifully illustrates the importance of maintaining creativity in balance with compassion, and he highlights the ways we can find bits and snippets of time to cultivate creativity in our daily lives.


A note from Josh:

Hello! My name is Josh Alvarez & Dana asked me to be on her podcast. Now, you may be asking yourself how Dana managed to get the internationally ignored song stylist & podcaster barely standing before you for this episode of Help for the Helpers, but the answer is really quite simple: she is the best & one would be a fool to deny her request to chitchat. In addition to the aforementioned jobs of “singer” & “podcaster”, I’m also a mental health technician on an acute inpatient psych unit.


Josh’s music can be found at CROSSED KEYS and his SOLO project. He is the cohost on the Cinepunx podcast. He can be found on Instagram at @joeyangel

and on Twitter here


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