Greetings & Salutations Old Chums,
Welcome to this, the first inaugural episode of FLIGHTS OF FANCY. We’ve finally escaped the Tomb and are ready to pursue our one true passion: Batman Elseworlds comics! That’s right, we’re scouring the multiverse (and beyond) to examine all the weird, wild versions of the Dark Knight that DC has published over the years. And, to kick things off, we’ve also got our first FLIGHTS OF FANCY guest – Liam O’Donnell of Cinepunx, Horror Business, and Cinema Smorgasbord fame!

For our main feature, we’re looking at John Byrne’s BATMAN & CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 from February 1997. In the midst of World War 2, someone is trying to steal US military secrets. With the fate of the free world at stake, will Batman and Captain America be able to work together to stop this threat?

Finally, as a backup story, we’re looking at the classic Silver Age story “The Son of the Joker” found in BATMAN vol 1 #145 from February 1962. In this Imaginary Story, we meet Batman II and Robin II as they confront their new foe – the Son of the Joker! Does this new Clown Prince of Crime live up to his namesake? Can the new Dynamic Duo score a victory without the help of Papa Bats? Will Kathy Kane ever recover from her debilitating cold???

As always, you can send any comments, questions, or other feedback to [email protected], our Facebook page, and you can follow us on Twitter @TombofIdeas. (We know, we know – we haven’t gotten around to changing our addresses yet. You try spending a year and a half in a musty old tomb and see how on top of things you are!)

And so fellow Bat-fans, welcome to the new FLIGHTS OF FANCY – There’s no stopping us now!

-Trey & James