Episode 5- Thicc Nostrils 

Fat Girl Hacks is a bi-weekly, body-positive podcast. FGH discusses living life as a fat chick –  the strengths, the struggles and the good times that come along with living the fat life. The Hackers take an opinionated, unapologetic, and funny look at fat current events and pop culture. Jaime, Meghan and Nina, will share honest stories about their own trials, tribulations and triumphs while navigating life in a larger body.

In this week’s episode the hackers discuss the importance of representation in the media, Instagram removes diet and plastic surgery ads for its users under the age of 18, and the ladies weigh in on the iweigh movement. Jaime admits to having a wall full of fat camp ads as a teen and Nina regifts soap made out of a friend. The MMA Babes of FGH get matching piercings and reflect on Meghan’s nostril workouts. This week’s Fat Girl Hack is all about taking selfies and feeling good. They’ve got Myspace angles for days. 


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