This Fourth of July, I wanted to celebrate a real American hero and who better than one of the greatest Americans to ever do it — Rudy Ray Moore. My friend Klon Waldrip joined me to talk about everything from Rudy’s entrepreneurial spirit (he printed and sold his own records… in the ’70s), his important role as a sexual anarchist, and his underground cinema, focusing mostly on his classics like Dolemite and Petey Wheatstraw. We love Rudy so much and Klon actually got to meet him a few times over the years, so he was kind enough to share some stories about the great man.

Klon is a talented artist, maker of some amazing zines, and programs underground cinema in Athens, Georgia. Find his zines here, check out his art and follow him on Instagram and Letterboxd. Special thanks to his friend Steph with some recording equipment assistance — Klon was also a guest on her podcast, My Bloody Horror, which you can check out here.

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