We sat down to record Episode 18 with friend of the podcast Ivo Tomas unsure in any way of what we would be talking about. Suddenly, Ivo had a revelation” We should talk about horror movies more because your halloween episode didn’t have that much horror movie discussion”. Besides being shocked that Ivo knew more about the content of our podcast than we did, we were also convinced that he was right! There could never be ENOUGH horror movie discussion, so why not do some more! We cover Halloween and the various films of John Carpenter, we spend some time discussing horror movies involving children, as well as the need to remember when making your horror film that people have seen other horror films. That probably includes your characters. We discuss some recently watched films, and what scary movies really impacted us as well as what we hated. It was a great conversation with Ivo and we hope he will join us on the show as well.

BIG SHOUT OUT to the Awesome FEDERAL DONUTS! We were rocking chicken and donuts during the show, and it was delicious. Consider this our first endorsement deal as they are likely gonna give us free donuts for our next show. That place rules!


look yall, I guess we just don’t know how to use our Microphones well. Ivo sounds great almost the entire time. We do not. Sometimes Josh is too loud, sometime Liam is too loud, often we are either speaking too close to the mic or we are speaking far away but so loud that the other mics keep picking us up. It is all a giant mess, but it never gets unlistenable at all. Just want to acknowledge that we are working on our recording skills. There are some rough edits we had to make because of sound issues, like a one point Josh was holding his mic like he was singing at a punk show and the chord fell out. At another point Liam’s mic just stopped all together.

Recording is hard, ok? THANK YOU to everyone sticking it out with us while we discern how to be awesome and less not awesome.

You can check out Liam’s column, A JOURNAL OF FEAR, here.

You can find Ivo on Twitter here.


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