CINEPUNX Episode 87: SUSPIRIA and Our Hot Takes There Of


Oh hey friends, welcome to a brand spanking new episode of CINEPUNX!

On this soul shattering episode we explore or mixed but mostly positive feelings about 2018’s SUSPIRIA as well as the original!

Like usual we share our latest loves and hates in our patented WHACK AND ON TRACK! Some links to what we talked about pulled randomly from my memory because I refuse to take notes!

Exhumed Films

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest

Yellow Veil Pictures

Cult Leader

City Hunter

Blood Pressure

Tierra Whack


Devil Master


Hotel Neon

The Silence Kit

Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest

After a funny, rousing, informative, and charming edition of this ground breaking segment, we then dive in head first with the SUSPIRIA discussion. Now look, we know this is controversial. A lot of people dislike the film, and we get into a small bit of that on the show. However, warning going in, for the most part we liked it a lot. So apologies if the fact that our taste does not align with your own fills you with a sense of angst, but also we don’t care. Just have fun friend.

Ok thanks for listening, please tell all your friends, remember to review us on iTunes, for some dumb reason that stuff matters, and maybe buy a shirt or something. Ok see yah




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