CINEPUNX Episode 78: HOWARD THE DUCK and TEMPLE OF DOOM Discussion with Director Liam O’Donnell (BEYOND SKYLINE)


It finally HAPPENED! Yes, I partly mean we finally have TWO EPISODES OF CINEPUNX OUT IN ONE MONTH!!

However, what I really mean is that we finally have director LIAM O’DONNELL, my dopple ganger and director of Beyond Skyline on the show!

On this episode Liam joins us to talk a little bit about the maing of Beyond Skyline, and then to discuss two films that shaped our childhoods: Howard the Duck and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


The opening song is from the industrial group 3TEETH who, it turns out, features a member who is very good friends with Liam, hence their inclusion. The interlude music is RIXE who are playing Damaged City Fest this year and I am pretty sure I cannot go and I am super bummed on it.

Liam was a generous, fun, and patient guest. Our discussion is I hope fun and interesting for all of you. His film is now available for streaming everywhere, I think at a reduced rate, so you should check it out. Thanks to him for coming on and to you for listening and telling all of your friends

Thanks as always to LVAC for their support

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