PART 2 FEATURING MEMBERS OF JESUS PIECE, EDGEWISE, DAMNATION AD, and I mean, lots of cool people not in bands or in bands that you don;t know about. It is, without a doubt, lit.


Photo by Anne Spina


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the second installment of our THIS IS HARDCORE FEST special episode. Now look, I know what you are thinking on this: “Liam, why is this episode so damn long?” LOOK Y’ALL, I SCREWED UP. I thought I had balanced out our two episodes perfectly and I had not. I’m sorry. I’m just nervous I guess cause that last episode had GODDAMN CHAKA MALIK on it and that had me kind of stoked and pumped at once.

Anyway, as you know we record these on the spot jawns in a real on the run manner, so sound quality is rough, and a few key moments and people got cut off. Huge apologies for that, we owe you one or whatever.

BIG THANKS TO JUSTIN LORE, SEAN BENNIS-SINE, EVAN VELLELA , MIKEY SMACK, GRACE KIM, AND ALL THE AWESOME PEOPLE WHO TOOK TIME OUT OF THEIR BUSY SCHEDULES TO TALK TO US! As usual, huge thanks to Joe and Chris from THIS IS HARDCORE FEST, Madi, our peoples at Broad Street Breakdown and the Hardcore Kids Corner, and to all the folks who took a flyer or bought a barf bag or a shirt, and big thanks to LEHIGH VALLEY APPAREL CREATIONS for printing our stuff.

There are a huge variety of topics covered here we could link to, but you bozos have google so do it yourself. One exception, Freddy Alva talks about his new book which you can find out more info about here!

Basically, that is it!


The more this thing grows, the better equipment we can get, and the better we can make this all sound

thanks everybody, you great!

Photo by Anne Spina

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