Big apologies for the delay in release of this episode friends, but this will be no surprise to you that we recorded this episode prior to the the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent uprisings across the country. So, even though the episode was edited and finished in a bout a week, the day it was ready was the day we all took to the street or to the internet in outrage. When I first decided to hold it, I figured the delay would be a few days at most. Unfortunately, each new day has brought new outrages as well as new triumphs obviously, but all of it felt too important to distract from by releasing this episode.

Not that the episode is bad, it is a great one. It just feels like a document from ANOTHER WORLD! This was created in a time when we all knew that the world was unjust and that the carceral state needed to be dismantled, we just had no idea the whole world was ready to have that conversation.

So here we are, recording with  A PUBLIC DEFENDER IN THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, and yet we never talk about this broken system which now it feels like we are ALL talking about.

It is a big bummer in retrospect, but oh well.

So here it is, a bit of a time capsule. I considered holding it even longer but eventually we wanna release new episodes so please forgive us for being in a world that it turns out was not so different but is also so different from now.

Ok so the episode is actually a lot of fun, and we have to give a big THANK YOU to Andrew for joining us. These movies were not great but they were fun to discuss and I am glad he suggested them. Andrew plays in CROSSED KEYS with Josh, so you know, check that out as usual.

Crossed keys has also partnered with Black Shirt Music to do a benefit shirt as well as some other great bands! 

Probably a ton of other stuff we could link to right now but we will simply do these

Bands for Black Lives Matter

Philadelphia Mutual Aid 



National Bail out


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