I am trying something new for Cine-ween…VIDEO!

I wrote a piece broadly covering the ground I go into in the video below and very patient friends were helping me edit it and they felt like it had a weird sermonic quality to it. Adrianna suggested I try doing it as a video instead of an essay, and here we are. This is very new for me to do something like this, it is a tad rough, and I apologize if it turns out the whole thing kind of sucks.
However, I think it might be good, and you might like it. Let us know either way, cause if it isn’t terrible I would like to do more.
Regardless, I wanted to end Cine-ween 2020 with something a little different for us. Enjoy, thank you for all the support, thanks to everyone who was a part of it this year, and never be afraid of the dark.

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