It seems we only just got done with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and it’s already time for the annual Buried Alive Film Festival, but we’re fine with that. While these might be more under-the-radar than some of the other fests out there, it’s great to get to dig into the creative programming offered by these folks.

Buried Alive, which kicks off this evening at the 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta, has become a big favorite at Cinepunx because of the seemingly unending stream of amazing short films curated by the festival. One of my favorite experiences last year was the darkly hilarious Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre, which packed more into its short runtime than many feature films.

This year is no different, with five blocks of shorts all built around some crazy themes. They’re all packed, from “First Shovel in the Grave is Always the Beston Thursday, November 14, at 7 p.m., all the way through the Sunday, November 16, 6 p.m. series titled, “The Toll of the Death Bell.” There are new films from Jill Sixx and Calvin Reader (One Last Meal and The Procedure 2 respectively), as well as shorts from all over the world, including India, France, Canada, and Japan.

The sheer breadth of the shorts program is enough to draw in any self-respecting horror fan, but there are also features, such as Porno (which we reviewed for Brooklyn Horror last month), along with Antrum: The Deadliest Movie Ever Made (which keeps getting “William Castle” references to the point where we feel like missing it again might count as some sort of sin) and a director’s cut of Daniel Griffith’s documentary, Mark of the Beast: The Legacy of the Universal Werewolf. There’s even a screening of the second new Joe Begos movie of 2019, VFW, which we’d really murder to see eventually.

Throw in Atlanta’s psychedelic instrumental space jazz group, Samadha, doing a live score for Andrew Leman’s The Call of Cthulhu on Friday, November 15, and Troma-influenced burlesque alongside a screening of The Toxic Avenger on Saturday, November 16, and your weekend’s pretty much set. Keep an eye here for coverage of the fest throughout this weekend. You can buy tickets and find the full schedule at the Buried Alive Film festival website.