Welcome to the city beneath the black sun. Lost in a dark world, surrounded by an endless desert filled with countless threats, the citizens still standing are forced to make a life for themselves in a strange and hostile land where terror and wonder wait behind every corner.

Halloween was long thought of as a time when the walls between worlds were thin, a time when the dead and the damned might return to our mortal realm and play their macabre games. Sometimes they desired only harmless pranks, but other times it was a bloodsport they played.

In the city beneath the black sun, the dead and the damned are always only one step away. And as Halloween nears, new games will be played with the hapless humans trapped in this strange dark land. Not all who play will live.

For news, updates, and other weirdness, you can follow us on Twitter at @BlackSunShowAnd a huge thank you to the entire Cinepunx team for making the show possible!

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