Greetings, Tomb Believers!

We’re back with part seven of our ongoing summer-long Inferno event! This week we are joined by returning guest Chad Bowers, co-writer of X-MEN ’92, G.I. JOE: SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME, DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD, and the brand new miniseries DEADPOOL: BADDER BLOOD! As you might guess from those credentials, Chad is something of an X-pert, and we are thrilled to have him join in our discussion. This week’s issues are:

        • NEW MUTANTS #73
        • EXCALIBUR #6 & 7
        • DAREDEVIL #265
        • X-FACTOR #37

You can follow Chad on Twitter and Bluesky, and you can find DEADPOOL: BADDER BLOOD #3 (along with the previous issues) online or in your local comic book shop right now! When you pick up your copy, let us know! You can send that along with any other comments, questions, or other feedback to [email protected]. Plus, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, on the app formerly known as Twitter @TombofIdeas, our Instagram and Threads feeds, and of course our brand-new Bluesky!

As requested by Chad, this is the panel from DAREDEVIL #265 where Daredevil punches the hell out of a demonic mailbox: