Greetings, Tomb Believers!

We’re diving into another random grab bag episode this week! To help us out, we are joined by friend of the show Sean McGuinness! Each of us picked out one issue to read and discuss this week – and somehow, all three of us landed right in the middle of the Bronze Age! However, that’s about all these three issues have in common. And so, our issues for this week are:

    • GHOST RIDER vol 2 #16
    • MARVEL TEAM-UP vol 1 #74

Will Ghost Rider’s hellfire have any effect on a killer shark? Does the Hulk find happiness in the microscopic kingdom of K’ai? Can actor/comedian John Belushi of Saturday Night Live hold his own against the mutant menace of the Silver Samurai? Tune in and find out! As always, we’re grateful to Sean for joining us on the show – and especially for hosting us to record in-person at his studio/gallery/bar. Be sure to check our his fantastic kaiju punk work on his Facebook page or at the Neo Monster Island website.

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