Season 2, Episode 3 (originally released on February 15, 2018)

On this episode our faithful hosts will be discussing the seminole ’70s cop film DIRTY HARRY. Directed by Don Siegel and written by the writing couple of Harry and Rita Fink, DIRTY HARRY tells the story of Inspector Harry Callahan and his pursuit of a mad man calling himself “The Scorpio Killer”. Callahan is a hard-nosed cop that cares little for the rights of the accused, but instead stands for the rights of the victim. Callahan has a negative reputation, but it never shadows the work he does. It’s a dirty job, but Harry Callahan is there to take care of it. Clint Eastwood stars in this genre defining role as the titular Dirty Harry, but along for the ride is Harry Guardino, Reni Santoni, John Vernon and Andy Robinson as the sinister Scorpio.

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