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Cinema Smorgasbord – Eric Roberts is the Man – Night of the Caregiver (2023)

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and that means the return of the beloved ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN podcast with a special HALLOWEEN-themed horror episode, featuring Atomic Elbow’s Robert Newsome as our VERY SPECIAL GUEST! Our guest is treated to the spine-chilling 2023 horror film NIGHT OF THE CAREGIVER from western director/actor Joe Cornet, and starring THE EXORCIST’s Eileen Dietz, Natalie Denise Sperl and – of course – Eric Roberts! We also dig into the price of stardom, fatherhood, Michael Jackson, summoning spirits and SO MUCH MORE including all the latest Eric Roberts news! CHECK IT OUT, JERKS!

The Carnage Report Episode 40: The Exorcist: Believer

On this episode of the podcast, Julie and Nick talk about demonic possession movie, The Exorcist: Believer, directed by David Gordon Green, now in theaters. In addition to what they think about the film, the pair recommend you go watch William Friedkin’s original and discuss a potential Halloween series from Miramax, along with trailers galore for The Curse, Night Swim, It’s a Wonderful Knife, and more. Plus, Julie and Nick discuss how they first came to see the original The Exorcist.