Joey Jap (guest interviewed by Stacey Finney)/May 4, 2014

Stacey Finney guest interviews Joey Jap of the band Blessed Muthas. Joey Jap was born in Philadelphia, where he spent his early years hanging out in what was known as the “Badlands” of the city. This was a heavily drug infested, high crime area of North Philadelphia targeted by the police and DEA through Operation Sunrise during the mid 1980s and early ’90s. Joey’s childhood led him through the dark underbelly of drug abuse, crime, hanging on street corners, and fighting with other youth. Through his discovery of punk music, Joey found his way off the street corner and into the thriving Philly music scene. Joey spoke candidly about  his early years of growing up, robbing trains, being shot at, and eventually overcoming his addiction to heroin. He also discusses his experience of the Philly hardcore music scene and how he came to know the infamous John Kennedy Brubaker III. In the late ’90s, Joey started his band, Blessed Muthas, with whom he is the lead singer. His band opened for Ruin at the pre-reunion show in August, 2013 at JC Dobbs. The band continues to play gigs and they hope to record more songs in the near future. Joey is also currently involved in recording power pop music with other local Philly musicians. You will hear a very heartfelt and honest account of someone born into a rough way of life and how he found his way out. The human quality of this interview is one not to miss. Joey Jap openly talks about the loss of his parents and other loss he has encountered over the years, as well as his own brushes with death. Joey’s warm and lovable personality exudes throughout the interview. Hopefully you hear it in his voice as I did throughout our chat together.

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