LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! Episode 43: Pete Tridish, Kate Wendland Duncan of Radio Mutiny, Prometheus Radio Project, Rebellious Nursing, International Media Action

Pete Tridish, Kate Wendland Duncan/December 9, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews “Pete Tridish,” a founder of Philly’s Radio Mutiny pirate radio station and the Prometheus Radio Project (which he retired from two years ago after working with them for thirteen years) and Kate Wendland Duncan, who founded Radio Mutiny with Pete and others and is now a part of the Rebellious Nursing group. Pete and Kate talk about founding the (in)famous pirate radio station in West Philly in the late ’90s, their peculiar assortment of DJs, and their problems with the FCC that led to series of very clever (and funny) press stunts. In the wake of the demise of Radio Mutiny in the early 1990s, Pete went on to help form the Prometheus Radio Project, which helped to change laws regarding radio broadcasting in signicant ways and start community radio stations all around the US and, indeed, the world. Kate has recently been involved with Rebellious Nursing, a group of social activist nurses who recently held a successful conference (in part organized by Kate) in Philadelphia. This interview comes highly recommended to social/political activists and community organizers. The word “punk” is not mentioned once.


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