Elizabeth Arnold/August 23, 2013

Joseph A. Gervasi interviews anti-fracking and social justice activist Elizabeth Arnold. We talk about her upbringing in different areas of the country and how she began to see social and economomic inequalities at young age. Observation lead to reaction as early as her pre-teen years. From a seminal protest in Minnesota, Elizabeth took the lessons learned forward into a very active life of fighting for causes she believes in (most especially, at present, the anti-fracking movement).  Elizabeth discusses how she’s managed to travel to so many countries with no money (hint: don’t spend your money!). I ask about providing positive, engaged role models for girls and young women in both activism and traditionally male-dominated skilled worker jobs (Elizabeth is an electrician). We also talk about punk for about 30 seconds. Elizabeth thrums with charisma and enthusiasm. This interview comes recommended to those who want to spend some time with a woman fully engaged with — and at times against — her times.







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