Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business. We have one awesome episode in store for you guys. In this episode we’re talking about 1987’s Dark Age and 2007’s Rogue.

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We start by talking about what we’ve done involving horror recently. We talk about the trailers for the films Random Acts Of Violence and She Dies Tomorrow and attending the Mahoning Drive-In’s annual Zombiefest. Liam talks about seeing the documentary You Don’t Nomi and Justin talks about seeing Relic.

Up first is Dark Age. We begin by talking about the concept of Ozploitation filmmaking, and how oftentimes such films are just as much about Australia as they “what they’re about”. We talk about how the film centers upon the idea of “colonial guilt and anxiety”.

We discuss the “magical indigenous person” trope and our unfamiliarity with Aboriginal Australian culture. We briefly talk about the nature of atrocities against Aboriginal Australians and the concept of ‘50s westerns fetishizing Indigenous Americans.

The concept of Oodoban as an unreliable narrator, which diverges from the “indigenous Aboriginal” trope, is touched upon. We talk about the uneven nature of the crocodile prop and how sometimes it looks great and other times it looks silly.

We spend a bit talking about how in the film Wake And Fright an actual violent kangaroo hunt was film, and how in Dark Age a similar phenomenon may have occurred with the scenes of crocodile hunts.

Up next is Rogue. We begin by talking about Greg McLean’s tendency to make excessively cruel films revolving around a savage and untamed Australia. We discuss the cheapness of killing the dog and how the film is excessively stuffed with undeveloped human drama that has too many threads that go nowhere with too much backstory.

The flat nature of many of the characters is touched upon. We talk about how when the crocodile isn’t present the film is actually quite effective at being suspenseful, but the reveal of the crocodile is just kind of silly because of how bad it looks.

The clunky use of CGI in this film is discussed and how its not good enough to be seen for as extensively as it is. The irrational behavior of many of the characters is discussed and how it takes away from the suspense of the film.

We talk about the contradicting statements from characters who are supposed to be ‘croc experts’ on the nature of the crocodile. We talk about John Jarrett’s performance in this film and Justin talks about how even though he enjoyed Dark Age more he actually enjoyed Jarrett’s performance in this movie more. The bullshit “based on a true story” marketing ploy is touched upon.

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  • john smarr
    On August 2, 2021 7:45 pm 0Likes

    rogue could be seen as a sequel to dark age. John Jarretts character could be the same as his character in dark age and the urn with ashes he pours into the kimberly river could be the ashes of his now deceased blonde wife from dark age. That would also explain why his character knows to just swim for the other side of the river as soon as possible and why he doesn’t mind being the first to swim.

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