Greetings, and welcome back to Horror Business, we have one awesome episode in store for you guys. On this episode we’re discussing The Night Of The Demon and Shriek Of The Mutilated

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We begin by briefly talking about our personal opinions on the matter of Bigfoot, with Liam being a staunch skeptic and Justin staying in the camp of ‘it doesn’t sound as crazy as some other things people claim to see.” We then talk about what we’ve seen or done lately in the field of horror. Liam talks about My Friend Dahmer, and Justin talks about attending some recent horror conventions and watching the Netflix original film Veronica. We briefly discuss the recent short film released by the Modern Horrors podcasting network, Bedtime (which can be viewed here). Thank you to Luke and the rest of the Modern Horrors crew for reaching out!

Up first we talk about Night Of The Demon. We begin by talking about a history of Bigfoot related horror films. We give a brief plot outline of the film. The weak narrative structure of the film is discussed, as is the way Bigfoot is revealed through constant flashbacks to an event prior to the film.

The weird conflation of Satanism and Bigfoot in both of these films is briefly touched upon. We again talk about the sloppy and inconsistent narrative and dissect the various ways Bigfoot dispatches the characters in the movie.

This tendency in modern Bigfoot films to constantly highlight Bigfoot’s lack of aggression and how that stands in sharp contrast with several historical accounts of a rather aggressive Bigfoot.

The various problematic aspects of Bigfoot cinema are examined, including the callbacks to tropes of early 20th century adventure films in which a white woman is in peril from the “savage beast of the jungle.”

The attempt of the filmmakers to emulate the style of gory filmmaking of the likes of Lucio Fulci is discussed.

Up next we talk about Shriek Of The Mutilated. We begin by giving a brief plot outline of the movie. The absolute degree of badness this movie represents is examined, in that it falls short in every single thing it sets out to do.

The shoddy set pieces of the film are talked about at length. The movies obsession with Eastern stereotypes is touched upon. The racially charged and problematic nature of a character presumably owning a Native American is discussed at length.

If that’s not enough, we explore the films fetishization of Eastern culture, as well as, it’s utter inconsistency on whether or not the Yeti is actually real.

The exoticification and festishization of ‘the Other’ in cinema is briefly talked about, as is the theme of the ‘wholesome white boy’ under threat of immoral forces. We conclude by talking about Michael Findlay’s filmography, which was rather heavily laden with exploitation and soft-core pornography.

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