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This episode we are talking about works of English horror maestro Clive Barker, specifically Nightbreed and Hellraiser. 

We begin by talking about what we’ve seen recently. We were fortunate enough to catch the ‘80s classic Night Of The Comet at the Mahoning Drive In’s third annual Zombiefest, (more info on the drive in and upcoming events can be found here) and we discuss the social messages of the film and how it was much better than either of us remember it. We discuss Alien: Covenant, and then discuss the concept of personal taste and aesthetic preferences when it comes to film and how differences in such taste is handled oftentimes. We then talk about the recent film Colossal and how the actual film differs drastically from how it was marketed.

First up is 1990’s Nightbreed. We open up by talking about how each of us got into the work of Clive Barker, his particular style of writing, and the impact he’s had on the genre of horror and fantasy.

We talk about the symbolism present in Nightbreed (anti-colonialism, LGBTQ issues) and Justin discusses how growing up the movie resonated with him as a symbol for getting into punk. We talk about the difference between the theatrical cut and the directors cut, in particular the ending, Boone’s hallucinations, and the increased screen time for the monsters in the directors cut.

The performances of the actors in the movie and the theme of small towns embracing a fascist attitude towards anything remotely different is briefly examined.

The concept of ones “true face”, i.e. our inner selves versus the self we project outwards to society is discussed.

Up next is arguably Clive Barker’s most famous film, 1987’s Hellraiser. We discuss the various themes of this movie, including Frank’s hedonism as a metaphor for addiction, the interchangeability of pleasure and pain, and the concept of morality under duress.

The aesthetic choices of the film are examined, including the look of the Cenobites, the way the house seems ominous and illogical, the ‘uniquely gross’ look of the film overall.

The performances of the actors, particularly Sean Chapman, Ashley Laurence, and Andrew Robertson, are discussed, and finally the cultural impact of the original film and how unorthodox it was and indeed continues to be are discussed.

Justin closes out the discussion with two humorous (or so he thinks) anecdotes involving Hellraiser.


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