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We start by talking about some of the stuff involving horror recently. Chris talks about watching Nia D’Costa’s Candyman and how it felt much more impactful upon rewatch. Liam talks about attempting to watch the new Firestarters as well as the recent film Master. Justin talks about Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness and the  films Monstrous and Broadcast Signal Intrusion.

We start with Doom. We talk about our experiences with the Doom franchise as kids. Justin talks about how he should by all rights enjoy this movie but doesn’t, and Chris talks about enjoying when he first saw it but didn’t enjoy it the second time around. Liam talks about while Dwayne Johnson’s performance in this film isn’t good per se it’s certainly less sanitized than some of his more recent films.

We go off on a brief tangent on director Uwe Boll and his lunatic tendencies. Justin goes off on an unhinged and ill-advised rant about Martian civilizations and how this film doesn’t make good use of such an idea.

Justin also talks about the implications of a character who is apparently inherently evil displaying enough of a conscience to commit an act of self-sacrifice, so they hurt anyone else.

We briefly touch upon the problematic concept of revealing that characters are shitty by having them say sketchy things. Justin talks about how the film leans lazily into using archetypical characters from war films and how films like Predator, Aliens, and Overlord are quite successful at using them. Justin talks about how it’s a small step forward in that the film didn’t reduce Rosemond Pike’s character to just another romantic interest.

Up next is Girl On The Third Floor. Liam talks about his mixed history with this film, in that he thinks it should be good, but he doesn’t enjoy it at all, including the performances, the way the film half-heartedly explores complex themes, the pacing, etc.

Chris talks about how he was unexpectedly frightened by the film and it engaged him, although he agrees with Liam that it doesn’t fully engage with some of the themes in it, as well as being disappointed with CM Punk’s performance given the fact that Punk is quite capable of playing somewhat shitty characters.

We talk about how there were parts of the film that were quite effective, but the film failed to tie up all the loose threads in the end. Justin talks about how the film attempts to utilize the Stephen King “Bad Place” technique where locations become characters in and of themselves.

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