Wait what? Yeah, that’s right, it is EPISODE 16 OF THE CINEPUNX PODCAST!!

This is our special Fantastic Fest (link) edition, and Liam basically did what Josh did at THIS IS HARDCORE FEST only was much less successful. That is not to say we did not have some great convos, and big thanks to the 9 people who participated, but it was just not the same scale.

NOW, that being said, we did run into an interesting problem because of the number of people involved. You see, because so few people were able to participate, Liam made every conversation longer than had been originally planned. So you will here him claim in the intro that this episode is particularly short. It is not. It is like 2 hours long. The reason is this extended format. Sorry. Now quite a few people expressed frustration they did not get to participate in this episode. First off, anyone who showed up and was willing to get interviewed got interviewed so you got no one to blame but yourself sugar. However, we love interviews and we would love to talk TO YOU! Hit us up on facebook or email us cinepunx (at) gmail. Josh checks it. Right? Sure he does. Almost everyone we were able to talk to also writes about movies, so check out the links next to their name to see their writing. Big thanks again to all of them, listed below in order of appearance.

SOUND NOTE: during the interview with the magical WOLFMAN the chord on Liam’s mic fell out before you hear us address it. It just sounds like suddenly you can’t hear Liam very well anymore. Look, it is a minute and it was not gonna work to edit it out. Thanks for your patience far, far in advance, and big thanks to Fantastic Fest for being amazing.

Wolfman http://thewolfmancometh.com/

Bill Graham http://thefilmstage.com/author/cablebfg/

Alan Cerny https://twitter.com/NordlingAICN

John Gholson http://www.movies.com/movie-news/john-gholson-author/62


David Delgado http://cinapse.co/author/david/

John Ary http://johnatthemovies.com/

Cole Bradley https://twitter.com/ColeWBradley

Ed Travis http://cinapse.co/author/ed/

Vince Nieto http://cinapse.co/author/vince/

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