CINEPUNX Episode 79: Director Ryan Prows (LOWLIFE) talks KING OF NEW YORK and BAD LIEUTENANT


On this amazing episode we talk to director Ryan Prows about his new film Lowlife as well as two classic New York films from Abel Ferrara, King of New York and Bad Lieutenant !

Ryan was in NYC for the WHAT THE FILM FEST where his movie screened (the awesome Adrianna Grober caught it there and will be reviewing it for this very site!) I managed to catch Lowlife at friend of the show, former guest Josh Goldbloom’s CINEPOCALYPSE FEST. After I saw it I basically could not shut up about it, and I was super excited to get to sit down and chat with Ryan.

Or lay down.

This film is Ryan’s feature length directorial debut, BUT SOME OF YOU WILL KNOW HIS NOW NOTORIOUS WORK ON THE CRIME SCENE VIDEO BELOW

On the episode Ryan talks a little about his experience in the Hardcore Punk scene in Atlanta, making the above video, as well as the process of making Lowlife. Then we get into it about two of MY favorite films, King of New York and Bad Lieutenant.

Turns out I am alone, in this room at least, with my love for King of New York. Regardless, Ryan was a stellar guest and I cannot implore you enough to go see his movie when it opens April 6th or to check it out on VOD.




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as usual I am sure there is more to say, but I will settle for Thank You!

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  • Matt D Snyder
    On February 11, 2019 10:30 am 0Likes

    That $1 Fried Chicken Story is HILARIOUS.
    It’s the way you tell it.
    Makes me wish it happened to me.

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