Join us as we interview Frank Pavich, director of The N.Y.H.C. Documentary and Jodorowsky’s Dune!!

Greetings and salutations faithful listeners, welcome to the latest and perhaps most charming episode, episode 46, of CINEPUNX! On this episode we were very lucky/honored/blessed even to sit down with director Frank Pavich.

Do your remember, or have you seen, or have you heard the sound track for THE N.Y.H.C. DOCUMENTARY?? It is such a weird and awesome exploration of a moment in time, a scene in transition, and the ridiculous characters who populate that scene. The soundtrack was HUGE when I was about 16 and going to all the shows I could. It wasn’t until much later I got to actually see the film, and it even got some press at the time.


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A brief history of the show, for those of you who are new to it. Josh and I met through hardcore shows, but really bonded as friends and brothers going to film events. It did not take long for us to discover some shared passions in film, not the LEAST of which was the director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Jodorowsky directed films like El Topo, The Holy Mountain, and Santa Sangre. So when we first heard about the documentary exploring Jodorowsky’s failed efforts to make Dune we were beyond excited, and I THINK we first saw it together, though our collective memories are fuzzy on that point. Yet very few documentaries in recent years have inspired so much, and I even had a chance to review the film for Cinapse here. However, it was on an early episode of this very show I pointed out a significant discovery that I made, that the director of the visionary documentary, Frank Pavich, was also the director of the cult classic The NYHC Documentary. When we first discovered this, both Josh and I were floored because Pavich, from afar, seemed like our perfect guest, considering how his work combined our two interests so well. Who else had even done anything that spanned Jodorowsky and Hardcore? Nobody that we could think of.


Flash forward to today, and low and behold Frank Pavich was not just an ideal guest in theory, but in reality as well. We had a GREAT conversation with him where he graciously indulged our questions about the making of these two very different films, as well as some fun personal stories and a few about friends! Frank was very generous with his time, and really informed us about so much. We loved having him on the show, and we really hope he will join us again soon!!



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We also cannot express ENOUGH how grateful we are to goo friend of the podcast Grace Kim. Grace is the coolest ever, she welcomed us into her Queens abode, made us coffee, and took us afterwards to get amazing food. She has been going to shows as long as we have, and if you don’t know here you are missing out. She is also an AMAZING tailor so keep that in mind if, you know, you need someone for your classy event or expensive movie.





A few other notes. During the show Frank explains that we should use a famous quote from the NYHC doc, one in which Puerto Rican Mike explains his employment situation. The problem is, I could not find that clip. In fact, what is on the show is basically all I could find on youtube, and as I said, I do not own a dvd copy of the film. Then again, even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to rip the sound from it. Whatever. The films is hard to find though, so I can’t exactly post a link. You can still find JODOROWSKY’S DUNE and I highly recommend that you do.

So, big thanks to Frank Pavich, Grace Kim, and those like Doug Tilley who told me just to ask whoever we want to be on the show and see what happens.




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